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By Dianne, on Thursday, 05 February 2009

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Founded by Rafael Delgado, BalletCenter was established in 2003 in Milwaukee, WI
as an offspring of the Ballet Performance Workshop, which offered its first performances in Milwaukee at Danceworks Studio 1661 in 2001.


Teaching Philosophy Statement 

by Rafael Delgado

Ballet is a theatrical arts discipline which has been passed from masters to students for many generations in many different countries. Each generation of classical ballet professionals has the responsibility to preserve, advance and promote traditions of the art form. As a former professional ballet dancer and as a dance educator I take that responsibility earnestly.

 It is my belief that dance is an essential part of a healthy and educated life and therefore not a luxury.  While my educational approach focuses and intends to train and prepare dancers for professional careers in dance, non-career minded students also profit from physical, emotional, and aesthetic benefits such as self-discipline, self-motivation, and strong work ethic; improved memory and better health; enhanced interpersonal relations and emotional reassurance; polished manners, excellent goal setting skills, patience, perseverance, and appreciation for high standards of excellence.
Ballet is fundamentally a performance arts form and not something that is limited to the confines of a studio. A basic goal in my teaching is to offer classical ballet training that is relevant to the present-day dance career needs, helping each student be prepared to succeed in the evolving aesthetics of classical and contemporary ballet. My classes focus on proper ballet technique, including proper alignment, proper use of feet, arms, feet, head and epaulement, turn-out, sense of line and form, musicality and phrasing, discipline and etiquette, proper terminology, artistry, energy, appropriateness for the age and level, and last but not least, joy of dance.  My curriculum encompasses the standard blend of French, Russian, Cuban, and American ballet technique as practiced in professional companies and schools in the United States and Europe.  
Finally, it is my goal to provide each student with a safe educational environment and the proper individualized encouragement, so they may find their own internal drive as they work to become the best dancer and the best human beings they can be.  I believe in working with each student as an individual, helping each dancer understand how the generally accepted technique and artistic values relate to their own personal ability, skills, and career choice.  "
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I so enjoyed reading this statement that I e-mailed Mr. Delgado and asked him if I could reprint it here. He writes at The Ballet Center site that he is  "on route to Lynchburg, VA, where I have accepted a position as Dance Faculty at the Virginia School of the Arts." All the best to him in Lynchburg!

Last update : Thursday, 05 February 2009

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